Tukuma novada Izglītības pārvalde

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    General information

    Educational institutions of Tukums, Engure and Jaunpils municipalities are supervised by Education Department of Tukums municipality.

    There are 24 schools in Tukums municipality:
    • 1 gymnasium
    • 5 secondary schools
    • 5 elementary schools
    • 1 primary school
    • 2 special schools
    • 7 pre-schools
    • 3 vocational schools

    There are 6 schools in Engure municipality:
    • 1 secondary school
    • 2 elementary schools
    • 1 primary school
    • 1 pre-school
    • 1 vocational school

    There is one secondary school in Jaunpils municipality.

    Education Office is responsible for education system.
    Tukums Education Office
    4 Talsu Street, Tukums LV3101, Latvia
    Phone + 371 63123503
    Fax +371 63125097
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.